The Kardashians Have Gotten Me Good

Thursday and Friday. First two working days of this year. I work till near-midnight for both days. But no complaints, I stack up on the overtime pay, come home, drink a glass of white wine, and catch up on my HIMYM, to make up for the lost Friday. Which was good, I was content. Then, I work on Saturday, AGAIN, make about 80 slides, miss my nailshop appointment, barely get anything to eat. I get so fed up with working I just decide I’m going to shut it all off and do something that I wanted to do for as long as I can remember.


But I realize, the ONE THING I really, REALLY, want to do RIGHT NOW is to go back to New York, go see my little, eat good food, meet some friends. Which is impossible at the moment. So, I type New York on a download site, fishing for a good piece of movie, perhaps like New York, I Love You, but instead, get Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

Now, I’ve had my share of entertainment from reality shows while I lived in the States. Laguna Beach, Girls Next Door, Jersey Shore, Say Yes to the Dress, you name it, I’ve had it on my TV, just to have something on my TV. But for some reason, never tried the Kardashians until now. And now that I’ve gotten acquainted with the sisters, I can’t get enough of them. Here I am obsessing over them more than I should, looking them up on Wikipedia, and correcting their grammar, like it’s not ‘did you sleep good,’ it’s WELL. ‘DID YOU SLEEP WELL.’tumblr_mx852xpsQw1t3uco2o1_500

I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom. What a loser, becoming this person I wish not to be. I need a breath of fresh, cold, wintry air, which I haven’t gotten for days now, to knock some senses into me.

Or maybe just another glass of wine.


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